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Maria nilsdotter

Maria Nilsdotter


Swedish jewellry designer Maria Nilsdotter founded her label upon graduating with a design degree from Central Saint Martins in 2007. With the graduation collection acting as the inaugural piece of Maria Nilsdotter’s work, each singular object designed since has been a continuation of the ideas conveyed in the initial effort. While varying topics play the part of inspirational catalyst for the designs, they never stray far from their mark; the jewellry shouldn’t be denoted as decorative elements but rather as mediums for Nilsdotter to depict her universe of surrealist fantasy, continuously hinting towards dark and mysterious realms.

Each object of jewellry from Maria Nilsdotter is a microcosmic homage to the fabled ideas of the designer, to the antonyms of minimalism and to the surrealist icons of the world


The sphere of Maria Nilsdotter is informed by the designer’s perception of jewellry as a constant factor, nurturing a relation between the object and its wearer. Refraining from working in seasonal offerings, Maria Nilsdotter’s designs are created as individual collections with a set theme, changing in expression from splendid gestures over formal contemporary pieces to expressionist endeavors. Throughout the collections, attentive emphasis is placed on fine craftsmanship and a careful approach to materials. Striving to achieve the utmost level of consciousness in every single piece of jewellry, all objects are produced by highly-skilled artisans, creating elegant compositions in an unruly manner.



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